Natura Atavi

Atavi is an eco-housing project currently in development by the mother brand, Natura, in the outskirts of Bangalore, India.

Atavi aims to create a complex system of homes, leisure-time areas and sporting facilities in a self-sustainable environment, where the carefully designed flora and fauna plays an important role of contoling tempearature or water-management in the colony. They also use only locally sourced materials and follow design solutions mimicing nature all across their designing process.

My role in this project was to develop the basic visual elements of Atavi’s communication before the construction even started. It happened with the collaboration of the Bangalore based advertising agency, Phantom Ideas. We created the brochure, the website and several segments of their advertisment, like newspaper ads, road signages and hoardings.

Creative Directon/Copy:

Karthika Kothandaraman
Art Direction/Graphic Design:

Eszter Drienyovszki,
Pradeep Kumar
Junior Art Director:

Sooraj KM

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