Royal Frituur

Royal Frituur is a small fast food restaurant in the very heart of Brugge, Belgium. Their approach is to offer a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives of the classic fast food options – like burgers, snacks or sandwiches – which are often neglected in other restaurant menus in the category.

Given that Royal Frituur is a small family-run business, my role as a graphic designer was pretty holistic by being the everyday-designer/creative-ninja of the place. I hopped into the project in 2019, and initially worked with the already existing identity of the brand: developing their new menü, shop signages and social media content. After working together since three years, we finally decided to give a makeup to the full identity of the place. We introduced a new logo and standardized every visual around the shop according to the new identity.

Working with Royal Frituur is one of my favorite projects. It has its challenges by being so tiny, running without big resources, but still: these are the things what makes it happen so organically, and be so lovely and full of heart.

Art Direction/Graphic Design:

Eszter Drienyovszki

Royal Frituur

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