True Frog

True Frog is an Indian brand, with a growing collection of personal care products that are vegan, safe and effective. Made of only ethically derived ingredients and sensitively processed extracts.

The brand development started at the beginning of 2020, in collaboration with the Bangalore based advertising agency, Phantom Ideas. In the duration of nine month we developed the brand from scratch, from positioning through the naming process until setting the visual world around True Frog on their website and social media platforms. Also developed the packaging of the first set of five products which True frog launched with in November 2020. My role as the art director and graphic designer of the project was pretty holistic, participating in every aspects of the developing process. Working on True Frog was one of my favorite projects so far, and I had lots of fun with it.

In the following you can see a selection of the various elements developed for True Frog.

Creative Directon:
Karthika Kothandaraman
Karthika Kothandaraman, Robert Anthoney
Art Direction, Graphic Design:
Eszter Drienyovszki
Frog Illustration:
Pradeep Kumar
Junior Art Director:
Sooraj KM, Srinath Sl
Product Photgraphy:
Mallik Arjun
Yusuf Padghawala


Identity Development

We decided to take a frog as the leading element of the logo. True Frog is a straight-talking guy, who says it like it is. He is fun and charming, debunking the false promises and lofty claims around the beauty industry.
We created a mascot who’s lovable, relatable, and memorable. In an industry where consumer trust is a bit of an issue, True Frog aims to epitomise values of honesty and candor, delivered with endearing straightforwardness. This is a world driven by simplicity, honesty, transparency. Which doesn’t necessarily mean we are staid, boring, or self-righteous.



True Frog launched with three different shampoos, an everyday hair conditioner and a deep conditioning hair mask. I wanted to keep the packaging as clean and straightforward as possible, drawing full attention to our mascot. As the containers for four procucts were identical, I decided to attach different colours to the different products as differentiators, and used the designated colurs for each product through their communication too.



As part of the branding exercise we developed the initial version of the True Frog website. We aimed to create a platform which is easy to follow yet informative, and also functions as an e-commerce webshop.


Social Media

As the last touch of the branding exercise, I developed the look and feel of True Frog’s curated social media platforms, and created the visuals for the first three month of ads, posts and stories. We followed a pattern of various content buckets to introduce the values of the new brand to the public, but still keep everything funky and lovable.

A Website.

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