2017 – ongoing

Postcards from In-between Places

We are living in a world where traveling is easier than ever before. But how do we chose destinations, and where do we desire to go?

The Postcards from In-between Places is an art project, focusing on memorable spots that you won’t find in any guidebook. Because the world is amazing, and every place deserves to be captured at least once on a postcard.

The series consists of travel sketches of forgotten, left-out and underrated places I passed by during my travels, found fascinating, even though they don’t belong to the elite loop of the must-visit tourist attractions.


The pictures themself had quite a journey – they shaped into several forms during my travels. Following you can find some of them.

Work in progress

Painting in the window frames | Singapore, 2018

Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia

Postcards and Tiny Prints

A Website.

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