illustration, animation, people, music, films, books, drawing, painting, taking photos, lying in the grass, walking, floating in the water, hitchhiking, chance to meet with somebody, sleeping, underground, falling in love, flea market, street art, coffee, wine, singing in the shower, colored sunglasses, gossip, laughing, making someone to laugh, sitting on a balcony, hugging, cat at my hand, stretching, kissing, going home early in the morning, giving a gift just because, getting a gift just because, sticker on the wall, washing a brush, staring at a cloud, finding a pin, skillfully landing at a fall,
the smell of a lemon

My name is Eszter Drienyovszki. I am a Hungarian graphic designer who specializes in illustration, branding and stop motion animation.

I am interested in studios or startups who value sustainability and ethical design, and are up for working with someone who has a great sense of cross-cultural understanding of esthetics in different parts of the world. I feel comfortable with doing a bit of eclectic, fresh and playful design, combining analog and digital techniques in my working progress.

If you liked my portfolio, feel free to contact me.


eszterdrienyovszki |at| gmail.com

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