Retro Lángos

Retro Lángos is a small Hungarian bistro in the very heart of Budapest.

They mainly prepare lángos (Hungarian Fried Dough), which is a traditional dish in Hungary, spiced up with special toppings. They started their business as a roadside food truck over 10 years ago, and when they got the chance to move their business to an actual streetfront shop, they asked me to decorate the walls with a giant mural all over the place, on over 60 square metre.


Tribe Theory

Singapore is living its time now when public art started to find its place on the streets. And besides all the simply visually comforting pieces, you can find there many murals that referred to history and aspects of local life.

However, by walking around after my arrival, I found it confusing to see all the beautiful artwork around, introducing the great man of Singapore, and not finding a simple piece celebrating women. So, I decided to make a tribute to all the strong, smart and hardworking women, who have contributed to everyday’s life with just as much effort as men, even though their voices are not heard too often. I hope to balance a bit the representation of all genders in public spaces with this artwork, and give support for the living and upcoming generation of women who see this mural passing by.



Kifli is a fast-growing startup, who aims to make home-delivery way greener and more sustainable than other companies. Their profile is mainly focused on close-to-expiry food and personal care products which they offer to deliver to homes with a discounted price, helping to reduce food waste of the city.

In February 2022, they asked me to paint a mural in their newly opened office in Budapest. As this project was highly commercial, it was important to follow not only their brand identity guidelines, but also include their motto and the ‘key ingredients’ of the business into the picture. They asked me to reflect on their environment friendly and green-thinking business model in the visual, and also to include some of their products and their main customers.
This project was special to me as I got the chance to combine my graphic designer side with my painting skills.



Some fun doodling for the Construkt Hostel in Bangalore, India.

The place operates as an incubator house for startup creators and entrepreneurs, providing both co-living and co-working spaces for people.


Bunkyard Hostel

In April 2017, I spent a month in Sri Lanka, and luckily, I got into the Artist in Residence program of the Bunkyard Hostel.

I painted a mural on their upper floor. Not only to decorate the place, but to work with the visual inputs I received during the travels across the country.


Café Rail

I spent September 2016 in Mersin, Turkey, where I was hosted by a feminist-anarchist-marxist-communist-pacifist-activist group of Kurds, as the resident painter of Cafe Rail Mersin.

The café aims to host travelers, artists, thinkers and activists, and to build a safe space for them talk, create and collaborate to make the world a better place.

I got total freedom to leave my fingerprint behind, and I spent three weeks painting a mural to one of the walls of the café, processing the memories and impacts of the previous 11 months already – the moments of my journey from Portugal to Turkey. The scenes that we all share by traveling long term, hitchhiking, sleeping in nature, being lost, meeting amazing people, falling in love, arriving and leaving: everyone’s and no one’s story on the road.


There Bar

There Bar is a tiny garden café in a hidden backside of a canal in downtown Bangkok.

The bar is located a bit off the beat which makes it difficult to find. I got the task to paint a mural on the wall connecting the street to the entrance of the bar to make it more visible for the newly arriving guests. What differentiated this mural from the rest is that the project took place during monsoon season, and catching the fluctuation between dry and wet hours during the day created some challenges during the process.

Anyway, it turned out nice at the end.


George Bar

George Bar is located in the old town of Georgetown, on Penang Island in Malaysia.
They run a – best described as – fusion-kitchen bistro, combining traditional Malay
tastes and ingredients with Western dishes.

When they asked me to paint a mural in their bar area, they already had an idea of showcasing a variety of their foods on the wall, and they asked me to experiment with edgy and highly stylised forms and shapes, and to use bright colours to create an accent wall for the room.



Angmoh Hostel is located in the Chinatown area of Georgetown, Malaysia. It’s best known as one of those party hostels, where people sleep less and socialise more..

When they asked me to paint a mural in their lobby wall, they already had had the idea of having the zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar in the pattern, and they asked me to create the design in such an abstract way that people have to spend some time watching it to figure out which shape holds which zodiac signs.

I really enjoyed this project as it required a very different way of thinking about colours and forms than what I was used to. I loved working with giant lines and patches, and in its uniqueness it has become one of my favourite murals to work on.

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